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Your Office Is Where You Are!

See our packages. We still bring you the best up and download packages available.

Your Office Is Where You Are!

See our packages. We still bring you the best up and download packages available.

Our Packages

Product Code: 4MBPS
4 Mbps Internet

Max 4 devices. No streaming.

Product Code: 6MBPS
6 Mbps Internet

Max 5 devices. No streaming.

Product Code: 10MBPS
10 Mbps Internet

Max 6 devices or 4 devices and streaming.

Product Code: 15MBPS
15 Mbps Internet

Max 8 devices and streaming.

Product Code: 20MBPS
20 Mbps Internet

Suitable for up to 10 devices, streaming and Zoom.

Product Code: 25MBPS
25 Mbps Internet

Gaming and streaming, max 6 devices.

Product Code: CASUAL
Holiday Casual Package

For use up to 4 times a year, add R 100 to any chosen package, per month in use.

Product Code: 50MBPS
50 Mbps Internet

Dedicated one on one. Ask for a custom quote.

* Please note that upload/download speeds cannot be guaranteed. We strive to maintain upload speeds up to 75% of the download speed. We do not throttle your account, but Fair Use Policies do apply.


Mikrotik LHGHP Antenna with pole, bracket, cable. Tenda WIFI Router, Install & Travel (Stilbaai & Jongensfontein)

Normal Install: R2950 fully installed.

A travel charge of R500 will be charged for areas exceeding 30km from Stilbaai.


Ian Williams

Managing Director


Myra Prinsloo

CEO & Marketing


Tel:+27(0)76 107 5922

Gerrie Deyzel

Accounts Administrator


Tel:+27(28) 754 6222 (OFFICE HOURS)

Shaun Prinsloo

Network Administrator | MTCNA & Qualified Safety Officer

Technical Support


Nicolene Prinsloo

Office Secretary

Office Administrator

Brian Prins

Field Administrator

Installs & Technical Support


Marcel Oostuizen

Field Assistant

Field Support

We have a dedicated support line available to you. For faster attention please use the following number for support: 

068 497 8357

Email: support@easycoms.co.za 



The person on duty will have the phone and can attend to it immediately. By calling anyone else they will have to refer you to the support number.

When maintenance has to be done on the network you will be informed by SMS, please see that we have your updated telephone number for this.

Keeping you updated at all times. 

EasyComs Team

If you live in this area, we can connect you to our Internet.

What's New at Easycoms

Trenching Has Begun in Stilbaai for the Fiber to the Home Option

in Announcements - Apr 28, 2022

Trenching has begun in Stilbaai for the Fiber to the Home option. This is great news. However, it will take some time (between 3 to 8months) to go live. Not all areas will be served. Excluded will be Fisantekraal, Bobokduin, Riverside, Jongensfontein.

EasyComs Communications


EasyComs was established in 2004, when founder Ian Williams was unable to gain the internet access he needed to run his internet-based business. After some research, licences were obtained and the initial towers erected to carry internet from Riversdale to Stilbaai long before ADSL arrived in Stilbaai. Many training courses were attended to learn how to operate the early radio equipment available at the time and online pioneers helped us gain knowledge and experience.

We registered EasyComs in 2006 and was awarded our Network Communication and Telecoms Service licence in 2009 under the Electronic Communications Act of 2001.

Over the years Easycoms has grown and is now an established business in the area, respected for our integrity and for the standard of customer service and support we can maintain.

We now have fiber to our office in Stilbaai and all our connections go through that bakhaull. This will revolutionize life for locals - especially for those living on remotely located farms where they can now enjoy movies on Netflix and videos on YouTube.

EasyComs has recently decided to separate its wholesale network from its retail customer-facing services. We are very happy to have appointed EasyTech Marketing to handle all retail sales and customer service – clients feel they have already made a huge impact.

We are proud of our long-standing service record and upgrade constantly to accommodate new and upgraded methods to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

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