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Application for Internet Access Service 2020

Please complete all pages of this application form, sign and return to EasyComs office, or by email
to sales@easycoms.co.za . We then establish if service is available at your location. If you are out of town, we may need a Google Earth place-mark of the precise location to run a Geomatics survey. Once we have your application, we will be in close contact until service has been activated.



You will be sent a detailed Invoice for payment of equipment and installation fee plus your first month’s fees. We then place the order for your equipment as selected. We are usually able to schedule an installation within three business days – at a time & date convenient to you. Our office staff will be in full support during this time. Once your service is activated, we will keep in touch to ensure that you enjoy a trouble-free service. Any small issues are usually resolved in the first few days. Our support team is always available, and can offer telephonic/remote support in office hours free of charge.

Client equipment for connecting to towers comes in two power variations, depending on the distance from your location to our towers. 


Mikrotik LGHHPXL Antenna with pole, bracket, cable. tenda600 WIFI Router, Install & Travel (Stilbaai & Jongensfontein)

Normal Install: R2950 fully installed.

A travel charge out of Stilbaai of R500 will be charged.

All equipment and fees are payable in advance, as our services are pre-paid to avoid unnecessary admin.

Please be present during the installation with the devices you will connect with, so that our technician can show you how to connect. Once activated and connected, you will be asked to check that everything is working – and to sign off your satisfaction of the installation.

PLEASE NOTE: We avoid the cost of chasing debtors, so if an account falls into arrears it is automatically disconnected by the system on the 1st of a month. To reconnect, a fee of R150.00 plus your outstanding fee will be charged before reconnection, which will take place within 24 hours of the payment.

Monthly fees are billed on the 19th of each month for the next month by email and must be in our account by no later than the last day of each and every month. You can pay by EFT two days before, as the payment must reflect in our account on or before the 1st of every month. Proof of payment to be sent to sales@easycoms.co.za

Banking Details: 

Easy-Tech Marketing 

Absa Bank 4097192133

Branch Code 632005

Cheque Account

To apply for our services, please download the PDF Application Form, print, complete, scan and e-mail it OR complete the Online Form.

Applications and POP can be emailed to sales@easycoms.co.za.

Download PDF Application

Online Application

Client Information
Package Information
 4 Mbps Internet (4MBPS)
@ R 499.00
 6 Mbps Internet (6MBPS)
@ R 699.00
 10 Mbps Internet (10MBPS)
@ R 799.00
 15 Mbps Internet (15MBPS)
@ R 999.00
 20 Mbps Internet (20MBPS)
@ R 1499.00
 25 Mbps Internet (25MBPS)
@ R 1899.00
 Holiday Casual Package (CASUAL)
@ R 0.00
 Cost of Install (INSTALL)
@ R 2950.00

By submitting this application you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Terms & Conditions, AUP and Privacy Policy.