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Hi-speed capped, supports telephones

BROADBAND WIRELESS - quality connectivity

The quality and speed of wireless connections are being broadly accepted as being highly stable in the hands of responsible operators - to the point of being preferred primary lines to Diginet. This is especially applicable in areas with groundwater, cable-theft and other external physical problems that affect wired services such as Diginet.
Quality Wireless networks are now highly capable of carrying voice traffic, which EasyComs has perfected.


  • High-speed internet access is now available on our networks in the Southern Cape & Garden Route.
  • Our network constantly expands and launches new services to serve you - our customers.
  • Our coverage now provides quality internet access in our rural areas where little or no service previously existed from Telkom and other networks.
  • At least one EasyComs e-mail address is included with each internet access package.
  • Telephone lines with landline numbers are available ( subject to agreement terms & conditions ).
  • Our internet access service is a WDSL - wireless DSL "always-on" service similar to ADSL - no copper telephone line is required for internet access and telephone services.
  • All services are delivered through our wireless network. Hundreds of happy customers can attest to the quality of our services and support. Our growth has been entirely due to excellent client relations and their word-of-mouth. We deliver!
  • Fixed monthly packages are available at speeds to suit your needs - capped & uncapped plus telephone/fax lines.
  • Various speeds and sizes of access packages are available, with extra email addresses and other added value.
  • Contact us for more info or to discuss your business needs - including VPN's, email and web hosting, hardware repairs and maintenance, cellular boosters, antivirus software, online backups and telephone support.
  • We also provide free fax to e-mail registration.
  • You will need a router to connect to our network. Here are our options: 

You will need a router to connect to our network. Here are our options:

PURCHASE of your client router needed to connect:

near distance (approx 10 km's) @ R 1,950  ( including VAT )
long distance (over 10 km's) @ R 2,950  ( including VAT )
Plus any extras such as additional antennae, brackets, masts - as may be required.

Choose from our range of service packages in the application form..

Bear in mind that all equipment remains the sole property of EasyComs until fully paid, at which point ownership passes to the customer. EasyComs recommends that you, as the owner of the equipment, should take steps to cover yourself against risks such as damage by lightning, fire and theft. Please be aware that equipment can be damaged by Eskom power surges / spikes. EasyComs is able to replace these items at the owners cost - i.e. for the clients account. In such cases there may be charges for travel, time & materials. We recommend and can supply & install surge protectors - for info on these products, please call our office 028 754 6222 OR email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To get started,  download and fill out the application form. Please complete and sign the form, email the completed form back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We require a signed and completed application form, at which time you will receive an invoice for the installation and the first months fees. Once paid we will order the equipment and set an installation date.

Service fees are 'pre-paid' ( payable in advance of each month ). We do make debit-order processess available. Alternatively, payment by EFT must reach us by the 1st of each month. We email monthly VAT invoices and statements on about the 20th of each month.

Should your area not yet have coverage from EasyComs, on written application, we will assess and advise you of oure plans to make services available in your area. We will keep your application on file and may contact you when a service option becomes available for you. It is important that any interested parties complete this form before we proceed - there is no contractual obligation if we are unable to provide service to your site. EasyComs will serve areas with the most need first.

EasyComs carries out installations itself and is able to advise on equipment and software that works best in various applications. Our business is built on relationships, and we take care to ensure that each customer is satisfied and that customers sign off each project themselves before we consider the job done. We DO support the principles of Customer Protection Act. We DO keep service and support records.