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We recommend & supply SNOM VOIP PHONES

Lines, instruments, dedicated bandwidth,  voicemail and forwarding can be requested via our office

If your telephone is not an EasyComs phone - you are paying too much !

Sign up for an EasyComs telephone on a local telephone number.

Call rates are: [50 c to local land numbers] - [R 0.95 to R 1.15 to cell phones] - [35 c to 90 c for calls to main cities overseas] - minimum call charge is 50 c per call

Our telephone clients enjoy EasyComs excellent support and response service.

Handsets - we supply handsets such as the SNOM710+. These are digital telephones that work just like a normal telephone. Your service is packed with useful features including voicemail, call forwarding and itemised billing.

Business users enjoy the use of built-in functions such as 'call attendant' and other business functions that give you full control of your telephone communications.

The monthly line cost from R132.92 incl. VAT.

See our internet access application form - the form can be downloaded here.