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Oct 2019 Newsletter

EasyTech Marketing has been assigned to do the marketing of all EasyComs Internet Services, as well as taking care of the customer service.  We offer faster and friendly after service.

At present a new fiber line is being installed at the Stilbaai office which promises to give clients a 100% better service, much larger and faster packages.

They already have a fiber line in use in Swellendam, and with another new tower being erected they can distribute better and faster service to remote areas like Witsand, Swellendam, Malgas and surrounding areas.

Technology changes daily and we would like to bring you the client the benefit of discounted fees as we are able to do so. To start off with we now offer a 10meg Uncapped package for as little as R699per month. No throttling.

Myra Prinsloo will be personally involved with the customer service from 1 October 2019, EasyComs and the team are rebuilding extending and revamping over 30 towers in the field at present to bring you the best local internet possible. From time to time the national grid goes down as a result of either cable theft or extreme weather, The EasyComs team then start with sms’ing the clients regarding the problem, and reroute the network to towers which are not effected in order to give you access to Internet (not the greatest and fastest, but you will at least be online)

Any current EasyComs Client is welcome to switch over to the new packages, which will come into effect on the 1st day of the next month. Current debit orders will be cancelled and EasyTech will invoice you for the next month.

See the great packages available, even the pensioner’s package for email, banking, Skype and Facebook at 2megs uncapped for R299.

For the corporate client we will build you a package to suit.

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